Gender Pay Gap

genderFollowing the legal requirement for all organisations with 250+ employees to publish their gender pay gap (GPG) statistics, Jungle Green has been conducting exploratory qualitative research among employees in organisations of all sizes, large and small.

Individual depth interviews, focus groups and/or workshops aim to uncover and explore how the GPG may have evolved within a given organization or industry.

Then crucially, we look to establish what steps and actions need to be taken to redress any imbalance.

Research has typically focused on the element of the GPG that relates purely to being male or female, as opposed to more obvious factors such as length of service, hours worked etc.

Powerful insights have emerged from these discussions. Individuals have felt able to speak frankly and honestly.  Jungle Green is a Market Research Society Company Partner and operates under its strict code of conduct. Thus, findings remain anonymous and interviews are conducted with respect and professionalism.  Discussions are often conducted away from the workplace to provide a neutral and secure space in which to talk.

close - CopyInterviews are carried out by Janice and Abby, senior research professionals from Jungle Green, each with at least 20 years of qualitative research experience. Participants include a mix of those proactively opting to take part in the research and others invited at random, both female and male. We also use online conversations and surveys to increase scope and coverage.

gap1 - Copy

The first GPG project undertaken by Jungle Green for the CIPR in 2016 has been published.  This will help you see how an action plan can be developed to redress the GPG.  Read the report here.

gap2 - CopyA panel discussion followed, and more are planned.  A conference is taking place in May 2018 to further the work being done on this topic.  Jungle Green will be conducting focus groups at this conference and the findings will be used to produce a government white paper.

Budgets for the exploratory qualitative research range from £8,000 to £20,000 representing projects ranging from 15-20 individual interviews through to a mix of individual and group interviews/workshops.  Reporting is divided into contributory factors and an action plan.  Research is tailored to suit each client organization or industry body and projects take between 6-12 weeks to complete.

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